Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You are such an ARMHOLE!

Over the weekend at my Daddy's, I had every intention of finishing the Infinity Cardi. Best laid plans and all that...  The arms kept giving me grief.  Got part way done with the first sleeve then realized that there was no way I was going to be able to fix the boo-boo from setting in the sleeve cap no matter how hard I tried.  

As I was sitting there ripping out row after row, someone in the room...might have been my Daddy, might have been my brother-in-law, not sure now...said something about me being an "armhole" and the conversation took a nose dive from there.  Add that one to the "familiy-isms" file.  

Tonight, however, is another story.  Currently there are only about 20 rows left to the second sleeve and this thing is done!  Sadly for you, that means only little glimpses tonight before the big reveal on Friday.  

I have mentioned before that my family says the craziest things and then they stick and we repeat them over and over even if no one else around has a clue what we are laughing or talking about.  Most people simply look at us and shake their heads.  My "driver boy" contributed a great story for the family collection on Saturday while we were driving south.  Before we left Saturday morning, a quick look at the weather indicated that it was likely we would be driving into some severe storms. 

Somewhere outside of St. Louis, he looked in the rear view mirror and declared that there was a storm chaser vehicle coming up behind us.  He was convinced that it was one.  According to him, it was big, boxy, low to the ground, dark colored, and had an antenna on top.  Guess it was possible, I've seen some pretty strange things on the interstate.  It comes up beside us...and...1. It was a low to the ground boxy truck. 2.  It was dark red (poor boy and his twin are color blind...explaining a lot of their clothing choices and propensity to coloring grass blue, etc, but that is an entirely different story).  3.  It had a regular after market antenna stuck on top of the cab.  I started laughing and as it passed thought I was gonna pee my pants from laughing so hard.  On the back were a whole slew of bicycles.  Turned to the boy and said, oh yeah that's a storm chaser all right...a Wizard of Oz one..."I'll get you my pretty!!!"  Not surprisingly, that got me a "shut up Mom!"

Driving home Tuesday, I did run into some crazy wicked storms...

It is hard to tell in the bottom one, but it was raining on the left side of the highway and not on the right.  Crazy stuff!



  1. That is so weirdly, selective rain! The phrase you are such an armhole made me smile a little and certainly caught my attention.

    Love the color of the yarn you are using and sorry you had to frog it all. Hope it turns out all right in the end.

    Until next time. ~clicks heels thrice ~winks~

  2. My dad is color blind and he always had us girls watch the stop lights to tell him when to drive. I'm sure now that he could tell, but goodness! My sisters and I felt important being tasked with that job! lol!

  3. I can't believe that sweater went SO fast! Now I know I'm going to have to make myself one too! Looks awesome!

    The storms look crazy...glad you all got through them OK. Love the storm chaser story! Hahahahhaha!

  4. wow that last picture of the rain is CRAZY! I can't wait to see your finished sweater =)

  5. One of our legendary family stories relates to rain. When I was six, my family and I were driving to grandma's house (in a boat-sized station wagon, no one wearing seatbelts!) and my dad said "It looks like it's raining ahead."
    "Nuh uh!" I replied. "It can't rain in just one place!"

    They could not convince me for years that it could rain in one place and not another. I attribute that to my dad's tendency to give me smart aleck answers to questions instead of truthful ones.



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