Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aloha Mr. Hand!

Can you name that movie?  It was the first "R" rated movie that I ever saw in the theater.  And to this day, is one of my absolute favorites!  The soundtrack is a keeper.  

As a girl, I loved going to my Granny and Papa's to spend the day or the night.  It was always fun.  

On the desk on the sun porch were several trinkets.  After they both passed away and we were cleaning out some of the things in their house I HAD to have this:

Now, I know for a fact that my grandparents never went to Hawaii, in fact, I can only remember them going on one vacation ever.  But this little flippy calendar doo-hickey sat on the desk.  I loved to flip it and change the date.  

And now, it sits proudly on MY desk and everyone that sits there falls victim to its flippy allure.  

Coincidentally, I vividly remember doing a report on the island of Niihau in fourth grade.  Ya know, back in the day when you had to open up the World Book Encylcopedia and copy everything down, only changing a couple of words so you wouldn't get totally busted.  (please don't rat me out to Mrs. Callich)

I miss my Granny and Papa...


  1. Fast Times is my feel good Go To movie. Best movie ever! I totally wanted to order a pizza in class. Love the calendar doohickies, wonder where they got them and what the story is behind them.

  2. what a sweet story :-) I love the flippy calendar!! I wish i had ne too!

  3. Love Fast Times at Ridgemont High! One of my favorite parts is when Spicoli and Jefferson's little brother wreck Jefferson's car and they make him think that the football team from Lincoln did it...and he wastes all those players in the game! :)



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