Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kitties Under the Influence

This Spring I grew some catnip from seed.  It was doing very nicely in its little pot on the landing outside the back porch.  It finally began to get a little droopy and sad looking and I brought it inside the porch doors.  (Up until that point the cats could see it and get a whiff of it every now and again)  Sunday, they hit pay dirt when they realized exactly what it was.  Amos was the first to attack the plant.  (Sorry for the less than stellar pics, but when Meowmy ran to get the camera, she discovered that the battery was dead and had to resort to the phone camera)

BTW, that is not water from watering the plant...it is DROOL!


  1. Home grown 'nip! Oh those beautiful, spoiled babies!

  2. Oh yeah, those are cats on nip, all right! Mine have the same addiction. If it's fresh, one cat chews the stalk ... then lays down and stares at nothing for a half hour, his pupils tiny little dots. Heh! Wish WE had something like that! (That was legal)

  3. It's like Happy Hour for kitties! So cute!

  4. I love that there is drool spots.

  5. Hahahaha! The cat drool is hilarious! My kitties do that as well when presented with a catnip toy... :) Love it!



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