Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awkward...and random

Over the weekend my dearest darling experienced an odd, awkward and hilarious moment.  With the cooler temps, the sleeping porch is back in full use.  It is a blessing to be able to sleep outside in a fully furnished bedroom.  Sometimes the tree frogs or crickets lull us to sleep.  Once in a while an overly enthusiastic "weekender" floats near our cove in the middle of the night on their boat partying away (loudly) while completely oblivious to the disturbance they are creating.  Every now and then animal noises get a little creepy...especially when you can hear the coyotes howling and realize they are slowly getting closer and closer.  And then there was Saturday night.  Odd.  Awkward.  Hilarious.  

Wes had gone to bed a little bit before me.  When I finally came outside and crawled into the bed he started laughing.  

Me:  "What's so funny?"

Him:  "You are not going to believe it."

Me:  "WHAT?"

Him:  "Well, I had just got into bed and the lights were out and someone next door came outside."

Me:  "Yeah, so?"

Him:  "They smoked a cigarette, then ripped a loud one off and then..."

Me:  "What, what!!"

Him:  "They came around the side of their porch (the side closest to us) and peed on the side of their house!"

Me:  "OMG!!!! Are you kidding me!?!?  What did you do?"

Him:  "Nothing, I just lay here trying not to laugh."

Me:  "If it were me I would have laughed out loud and said something."  (most likely inappropriate, but c'mon who is being the most inappropriate at THAT moment.

People...just because you can does NOT mean you should!!!  Really, how difficult would it have been to go back inside and take care of business???

Something else happened this past weekend.

Something wicked this way came:

The scary/wicked part?

It was full Sunday afternoon.


  1. I hope you guys don't talk in your sleep out there on the porch...

    (PS - I can't buy Halloween candy until at least noon on the 31st.)



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