Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paper Geek at Heart

That's me...a paper geek.  

I manage to do quite nicely, embracing the techy geek part of me, but at heart, give me paper and pen. 

A few years ago, I joined the masses and switched my world to an e-version.  Have all the requisite digital doodads...iPhone, iPad, Mac computers at home and work (complete with screen sharing so I can access the work computer while "relaxing" at home--<rolling my eyes at the absurdity of this>)  Calendars, contact lists and multiple, no let's be honest here, MASSIVELY LARGE multiples of spreadsheets/lists cuz I am a girl that luurrvves making a good list, are all housed on all these e-places. 

But I miss paper.  Kindle apps on phone and iPad...check, but it is NOT the same as holding the weight of a book, smelling the paper and hearing the crinkle of turning pages.  There is also something primal and satisfying about the act of writing something on a paper calendar.  (Not to mention that the process seems to cement the date in my brain a little better)

In a nutshell, I guess you could say that I am crushing on Covey!  Although I do not possess an actual Covey binder, I have off and on through the years managed to drool and pass out with organizational delight find Covey (and other brands) paper inserts to make a binder that is heavenly to me.  Yes, I am one of those weirdos that would much rather browse through the Franklin Covey store (do those still exist) or spend hours in my other organizing dream place... The Container Store than shop for anything else, except maybe for shoes and yarn.

There has been a burning in my soul causing me to travel back to my safe place...

It's baaaaaccckkk.....

ahhhhh, pen, paper, calendar, lists, pocket folders, card holder, sticky notes, a place for everything and everything in its place.  But, rest assured, the techy geeky part of me will be fulfilled by way of that being the back up locale of my binder brain!

Yup, I'm a geek.

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