Friday, December 30, 2011

The FO's that should have been...

but didn't quite make it.  In keeping with Wednesday's post about making a resolution to finish some WIP's that have been stuck, I thought I would share some of the WIP's that never made it to the finish line.  They got ripped out and blocked from my memory.  In my book, that counts as being finished, done, kaput, over and out.  (This is where you proclaim my brilliance and shout from the rooftops about the delight of FO's real and imagined.)
1.  Five Way Cable Shrug
This only managed to keep my attention for a very short period of time before I realized, not only did I not want to make it, I reeeeaaallly did not want to make it!

2.  Echo Mobius  
Sounded like a good idea and I was going to use some of the first yarn I spun and dyed, but, well, blecchh. 

3.  Falling Leaves Mohair-Silk Scarf
Laceweight?  Really now, what was I thinking.  I am not sure why I bought either of the two yarns I planned on holding together to make this.  At some point you have to come to grips with the realization that there really are some impulse yarn purchases that you regret.

 4.  February Lady Sweater, Tubey, Amused
The Lady will likely not ever be seen on my needles again.  My dearest one has noted that I have a tendency to always knit the same styles (one button cardigans and cardigans with floppy, drapey fronts).  He may have also made note of my love of round toed ballet or other type flat shoes, but what does Mr. Sweatshirt Over My Regular Shirt Every Stinkin' Day know?  Tubey...I really have no explanation.  Ditto for Amused.  Neither of those are sweater styles that I would even purchase ready-made.  

Now, I realize that loads of people have made and like/love each of the above pieces, but they were just not me.  If I do not completely love something, why would I want to invest my valuable time to make it?  This is just the short list of started and stopped projects.  Things change, moods change, preferences change.  Gotta love a craft that allows you to start, or even complete a project, and then if you change your mind, all you have to do is rip it out, give it a little soak and spend hours perusing pattern after pattern until you find the next "that's the ticket" idea?

Jack doesn't care about any of this.  Then again, this is a dog that likes to lay down while he eats.



  1. I love that you count them as FOs. I reckon you're right. Maybe I should adopt that attitude too. Id have LOADS.

  2. Very funny post!

    Have you read The Dip? It's a book about quitting. The message being, if you're going to quit, quit early and quit often. :-)

    I completely agree... if you don't love what you're doing, you should at least have a very good reason for doing it. ;-)

    My dogs lay down while eating too... sometimes even while drinking. lol.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Cute dog, he's hunkered down to enjoy that meal! Yes, knitting is a very forgiving craft, it's so nice to pull out all the offending stitches and start fresh. Happy New Year!

  4. Love your photo of Jack. I don't even want to think about the projects that didn't make my list either. You are right, not every pattern or project is meant for everyone. Here's to new adventures in the new year.

  5. I loved your post!!! Gave me a smile! Your dog is funny too - some days I feel that way! ;-D Happy New Year!

  6. I know where your coming from DH has a thing for sweatpants, caught him trying to sneak off to christmas dinner at my parents! "No one will notice their BLACK!
    I wish you and yours a Happy New Year :0)

  7. Hahahaha funny doggy :)

    I have to frog two WIPs that I invested a lot of time in ... but I *know* I won't finish. It's tough, but your philosophy about not investing time in something not worthy will help me through it

  8. Jack is very cute. I agree, don't waste the time if you don't like the project.

  9. Oh well! Here's to more "fo's " in the New Year!

  10. I love it if I could lay down while eating, LOL Perhaps next year you'll find the perfect project and it will flow off your needles like water over the falls. Aren't dreams what New Year's Eve is all about?

  11. I think the Dahila (sp?) sweater is lovely and challenging enough that it totally cancels out any ufos that you tossed. And I was so, so glad to see that you were not a fan of the lace weight fuzzy yarn stuff either....I tried some of that a few weeks ago, and quickly decided that if I continued knitting on it, I was going to soon pull every hair on my head out.



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