Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grape Thief or Food Tester?

This morning as I sat down to my breakfast of a bagel and an orange, disappointment filled my sleepy soul.  The first orange had some nice squishy heft to it, which normally signals to me that the fruit will be juicy and tasty.  Wrong...dry and pithy.  Number Two...same story.  Number Three...wrong again.  Number I even have to say it?

Picking fruits and vegetables at the grocer is a crap shoot.  Sometimes you honestly cannot tell what you've got until you get it home and open it up.  In my former life as a dietitian, I would get frustrated by the vehement and often loud complaints by patients when I would go on Meal Rounds.  C'mon people, we do not have x-ray vision and cannot simply "know" that the baked potato you were served (whole and uncut and wrapped in foil) was going to have a big black nasty spot inside.  So, what's a produce shopper to do?

Are you a "sampler" at the grocery store?  Never done it and never will at the chains or even local stores.  In my mind, it is flat out theft.  Lots of people do it, as well as putting that bunch of grapes that are sold by the pound in their carts and then strolling around the store snacking on them only to go through the check out with a much reduced poundage of fruit to purchase.  Shopping at a farmers market is a different matter, if you ask for a sample you are most often given one.  This whole scenario reminds me of the episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Frank gets busted for "sampling" trail mix at the store.  When my oldest son was small he would always want to eat a banana from the cart when we were shopping.  Did I let him eat it?  Yes.  Did I pay for it? Yes.  At the check out I would always have the checker weigh the bananas and then pull one off and tell them to weigh and charge for one more.  Not an exact science, but made me feel better.  

What does all this mean?  I don't know, but I do know that I really need a glass of tea and really want an orange, but Number Five scares me.  So, for now I'll hop off my soap box apple crate and go fix some tea.

On the plus compost pile is going to be happy!


  1. Go for the cuties if they have them where you are. I've never had a bad one. I've been eating 3 or four a day. I've been so lucky to have a grocery store by me that has the best produce crew in the world working there. They always ask if you want to sample anything and then they cut you big slice. This is especially helpful with all the new apples that have been finding their way into the grocery stores lately. I get so mad when I spend good money on bad fruit!!!

  2. this time of year the produce is pretty hit or miss. I hate it.



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