Monday, January 30, 2012

I Love Your Nostril

It all started so innocently. 

Watching tv last night, I was a bit bored.  Wes was sitting next to me reading.  I turned to him and said, "I love your ear."  Hmmm, a little grin.  "I love your chin."  More on!

I love your smile.

I love your dimple.

I love your forehead.

I love your cheek.

More grinning and now a little giggling. 

I kept going.  I love your elbow.  I love your big toe.  I love your shoulder blade. 

Finally, stupid tv show was over and I needed to get some sleep in order to get up at a horrendously early hour to run 40 minutes on the rude contraption treadmill in order for us to get to the shop early this morning.  Off to slumber...

Fast forward to an hour or two after arriving at the shop.  Sitting at my desk facing my dearest love..."I love your pinkie."  Grin and giggle again. 

I love your forearm.

I love your knee.

...and so on, UNTIL, Mr. Thinks-he-can-play-my-game pipes up with some I love _______s.  What ensued was a goofy, giggly, classic game of you can't do this, only me.  Yup, we are weird that way.

I got the last word with, "It's my game, I make the rules and I love your nostril."



  1. Love it!

    You know, it's funny because my son and I do a version of this. It started with "I love you" then it was "I heart you".. then other body parts.. "I liver you", "I nose you".. :)



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