Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Keys to Success

There is a back story to this statement.  There always is, isn't there?

This has been an unusual month in some good and some not so good ways.  I am glad to see it making its way out.  For a little bit more than a month, we have been playing musical vehicles.  My father-in-law had a wreck in December and totaled his truck.  He is fine, but this created an inconvenience for him.  My dearest and I typically ride together to work (except for the sacred Knitting Tuesdays) since we work together at our shop.  No worries, FIL can drive the shop truck and we will just use my car.  That got all straightened out with the completion of his truck issues.

Then, my son needed to borrow the shop truck several times to get all the supplies he needed to work on his Senior Project (building and donating 3 picnic benches).  Here is where the back story gets a bit convoluted.  My dearest swears that he never loses his keys (so does my son, but we all know that's a fib), but perhaps that is not the most honest of statements either.  For some unknown reason, there is only ONE key to the shop truck.  No one knows if there ever was another one or if it got lost.  Never mind that one key should be a red flag to get a spare, especially considering the number of hands it is passing through this month.

This last Knitting Tuesday was crammed full of all sorts of activities above and beyond the knitting, which wound up being for a measly 45 minutes or so.  My day started with a RIF (Reading is Fundamental) book distribution at one of the local schools.  Before I could even leave the school, my dearest was texting me in a panic because he couldn't find his truck key.  Dear Son had borrowed the truck the Friday before, so it took little thought to figure out where it was.  Side note here:  the spare set of keys for the shop (dearest's, not mine) had been AWOL for a few weeks and happened to finally be located in the pocket of a jacket hanging in our dressing room.   After a trip to Dear Son's school to get the key and a trip all the way out of town to our house and then back into town to finish my marathon activity day, I am convinced that while there are definite keys to success in life, in this instance there is a key to epic fail.  Said Epic Fail Key can be seen above. 

Has a spare been made?  Nope, not yet.  Will it be?  Most likely, but the person that plans on making TWO spares is going to hide them. 

The moral to this story?  There really is a reason why we have a Key Bowl on the table by the front door.  Now, if I could figure out a way for certain someone's in the house to actually use it!

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  1. We are down to one key for out truck and when I went to get a spare made they told me they cannot do that with the vehicle keys. We have to buy one from the dealer and it is very expensive. Bummer. I hope it isn't the same where you live. I live in fear of that one key going missing. I have it on my list of things to buy when I get my tax return.



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