Friday, January 6, 2012

Scarfing it up...

Yay for me! (but also kind of sad, too!)  Over the holidays, I managed to refrain from scarfing up any and every sweet treat put before me.  This was doable, in part, because I.did.not.make.anything.  This is the first year since the dawn of my ability to cook, that I did not make oodles and oodles of yummies.  Why bother, not everyone in the house likes it all and most of it was being made out of habit "because that is what I have always done." 

In other areas of my world, the Entrelac Scarf was finished and given away.  While back home visiting my family, the scarf finally came off the needles.  My brother-in-law was intrigued by it.  We had a few conversations regarding the possibility of it coming to live in his world.  For some reason, he kept doubting the "manliness" of it, but further conversations revealed that this manly man uses a pouf in the shower.  That revelation led to much teasing about the manly pouf.  In the end, he decided that the colors were sufficiently manly and he would/could wear it (my sister piped up at this point to declare that she might steal it). 

I very nearly forgot to take a picture of it, but made the BIL model it with the promise that the picture would not reveal his identity. 

Boy am I glad to be done with that one!!  (the scarf not the BIL...he's a keeper!)



  1. Hahahah he looks sufficiently manly in the photo!

  2. LOVE the texture and colours of the scarf. Your BIL looks happy enough being your model :-)

  3. It looks very manly!! Love Entrelac!!!

  4. Love the scarf! Entrelac is so beautiful and I love how it looks in all the various FO's I've seen it in...perfect for this scarf. I think it's funny that your BIL didn't want you to show his identity. Why? My friend didn't want me to show her face last week either. I guess I just love the attention ;-) He had a happy smile though, and that is good.

  5. Your entrelac scarf is gorgeous em.. manly. It looks great and look it made him smile!



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