Monday, February 6, 2012

Red Hot Pillow Talk

It is just over a week until Valentine's Day and there is a definite lack of decorating around my house.  Normally, there isn't much for this holiday anyway, but I was feeling the need for SOMETHING.  Up until now, the only "decoration" was the tablecloth shown here (under all the sewy stuff).  It was made from some leftover fabric that was sitting around doing nothing. 

Cupid has yet to start thinking about what all the kiddos should receive as a surprise this year.  He better get hopping!...wait, that's the Bunny Dude, what would Cupid do???

Enter a pillow for Cupid's Helper to rest her weary head upon while she attempts to brainstorm treats...(Cupid graphic courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)

Remember when you were growing up, red hots were easy to find.  They were in the baking aisle, in the candy aisle, and all over creation at Valentine's Day.  My dearest is in the process of giving up a habit that he has had for right around 30 years.  Red hots are his replacement of choice in this adventure.  The first bag was Brach's Red Hots, but they did not "feel" the same as when we were know, put the red hot in your mouth between your molars and bite down ever so gently so that it would do a kind of gooey/chewy collapse.  During my shopping trip yesterday, I SEARCHED everywhere I went with no luck.  Finally, in a moment of desperation, I went into that big blue store I dislike with a deep passion.  The only choice was:

Not exactly the same, but they will do in a "pinch".  I am so proud of him!!!


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