Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Tarzan, Me Jane...

this is what I feel like saying every time I look at the skirt in progress.  Right about now, it resembles more of a loin cloth than anything.  On the bright side, progress is progress and at this rate, I will get to wear it before this winter season is over.  The last couple of weeks had me wondering if we were even going to have a winter.  Surprise, winter came back.

In other news, the camera was taken to my second choice repair shop as I simply could not wait until "the game" was over and done with to allow for a less hectic trip to Indy.  It appears that some little something near the aperture thing-a-ma-bob on the lens has broken off.  That one little piece of missing plastic has made it next to impossible for the lens to communicate with the camera (anyway that is what Tech-dude said).  The lens has been sent off to the camera hospital and will be quarantined for 4 to 6 weeks!  Repair is estimated to be less expensive (not by much) than buying a new lens.  Number one reason to avoid going to the camera shop...LENS ENVY!  I am drooling over the idea of a lovely zoom lens, but have a feeling I might as well just put a bib on and get over it.  :(

Hexipuffs are puffing along.  It has been one week since I caved in to the knitterly peer pressure decided to partake in this addictive pattern.  There will be no picture updates, because, well frankly, they all look the same only done up in different yarn.  I do not plan on doing anything extra to cute-ify them.  The real picture that I wish to share will be the final completed project, which at this rate should be just about a YEAR from now.  On the days that my darling hubby and I ride to work together, I am able to complete 2 puffs during the commute (assuming something else did not jump into my hands first).  At present, 8 puffs are finished and securely hidden away from curious paws. 

For a peek at WIPS and other crafty/knitterly goodies pop over to these folks, you'll be glad you did!:

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  1. Love the Tarzan reference! But seriously, the skirt is looking good. I have never knitted a skirt before, but have seen many cute patterns for them popping up here and there. Do they hold up well to wear? Guess it depends on the yarn and pattern, right? My Beekeeper's quilt is looking like it will take several years to make. Knitting 2 hexipuffs in one commute is a good thing, as Martha would say.



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