Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who trained who?

There are some creatures within my home that insist on following me from room to room.

Wherever I go, they feel the need to be right in front of me.  For example, if you could see the desk as I type you would wonder how I can possibly see the computer screen through Norman as he walks back and forth across the desk and head butts my chin.

Attempting to capture photographs of my current on needles projects proved to be challenging and entertaining.  I may have contributed to the problem at hand through the recent overindulgence of kitty treats.  Like a Pavlovian response, kitties come trotting to the laundry/craft room as soon as they hear the floor boards creak in that vicinity.

Treats? Are there treats?  Where?  Why is that booty thing in our way and where are the treats???

You just think this is your space!

How could you deny me OR my pink nose anything I wish?

HEY! I want a treat, too!!!

Sadly, no treats were given and all kitties were shooed away.  Now back to why I went in there in the first place.

I don't like making socks because of that whole second sock syndrome.  But at least with baby booties, they are so small that it is easy enough to spit them out without getting "sock fatigue."  This is actually the third bootie (one more to go).  The first pair is a natural color Socrates yarn and the pair partly shown above is being made with Koigu KPPPM in colorway P116.  This is my first time using this yarn and I love it.  It is not splitty and has a nice sproingy feel to it.  Bootie pattern is Stay on Booties which is such a great pattern.  Love having the option already spelled out for multiple yarn weights.

After the booties are finished, there will be one final installment to this baby bonanza.  Not going to say what it is just yet, but will merely show the yarn to be used...
Annnnddd, as a teaser, the lace baby blanket is DONE!  Here is just a glimpse, more to be seen at a later date...



  1. I threaten Sage that if he gets in the way when I'm trying to take a knitting picture, he's going to end up wearing whatever I am making (he doesn't seem to matter)!

    Ooo I love that multi-colored bootie!

    1. It never ever fails, wherever I am and whatever I am doing they HAVE to be there! Am lovvvvvinnnnggg that Koigu!

  2. Those booties were awesome the new blanket too!

    And can't wait to see how the other item turns out, no, I won't give any hints either, but I know what it's going to be! :)

    Great to see you today, Dina, can't wait til we hit Findlay in a week!



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