Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pick up Sticks

One of the many benefits of working with your husband and having a 45 minute commute each way is that I get some dedicated knitting time at least twice a day most days of the work week.

The down side...I have a tendency to drop literally everything.  Whether it be knitting related, food, money, books, papers, lipstick, you name it I drop it.  There is a Bermuda Triangle in my car.  Much in the same way that socks disappear in the dryer, stuff falls out of my hands and is not always ever seen again.  You would not think that the narrow space between the center console and the passenger seat would be such a grand destination for inanimate objects.
If I try realllllly hard sometimes I can get my hand in there, but what is the more typical result is that if you look (please don't, it's disgusting) carefully down there you will see french fries, crackers, money, enough stitch markers to open an exclusive marker store and often double point needles...ANOTHER of the reasons I do not like dpns!  Last weekend Wes took pity on me and played twister with the seats and long objects to retrieve items from the land of the lost.

As we left for lunch today, I prepared to do up a few more rows on another hexipuff.  And then, ^(*#^$(*^W(*&()*@&$ down went a dpn!  What follows is a highly intelligent tutorial on needle retrieval the "Dina Way".

First, go to lunch and have something yummy for a dessert to fortify yourself for the upcoming Needle Rescue.

While at lunch, gather your tools:
This is high tech stuff here people.

Scootch (that really is a word, even if Blogger doesn't recognize it and keeps putting red dots under it to tell me I am making up stuff) your seat back as far as it will go.  Peer down into the abyss and make visual contact with the needle escapee.  Slide the straw along the floorboard inching your way toward the needle.  Go slowly and quietly...don't want to spook it!  Ever so gently, slip the straw over the needle and start tipping the straw up from the front to encourage the needle to slide into the straw for easy removal.

At this point, it is vitally important that you decide to record this event with a picture on your phone.  Which is, of course, the perfect time for your phone to freeze and while you poke the home button repeatedly you forget what your other hand is doing and you DROP THE STRAW.  Not to be deterred, you wait until you arrive at your next errand stop and for you darling husband to go in to take care of the errand (by now his words are a little less than encouraging).  While he is out of the car, jump out and pull your seat as far forward as it will go, open the back door and try again with the straw.  This time, success is yours!  Return all seats to their previous positions and wait for Sweetie's return. 
Assuming the same position as when he left the car, when he gets in, hold up the Naughty Needle and declare yourself the Queen of Retrieval!  That's exactly what happened...I swear!

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  1. Love the straw technique! I have a Black Hole in my car which probably has a fortune in loose change hidden in it.



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