Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Voodoo Bunny

It is very important in life to know your limitations.  Everyone has their talents and there are some things that are best left to others. Enter:  needle felting a free form 3D object.

The idea of needle felting has interested me for a while, so, when the opportunity arose to try it I was thrilled.  The basic premise of needle felting is to take blobs of fiber and jab it repeatedly with a lovely super pointy and barbed needle.  The barbs on the needle catch on the scales of the fiber and realigns it to make felt.  The more you jab the harder the fiber gets and you can do intricate shaping and create often very lifelike objects.  Some people can do this, and then there is me.

Sadly, there are no work-in-progress shots, but they were quite funny.  For a little bit,  my bunny's body looked like everything from a tampon to a seal to some unidentifiable being.  The plus side to this little craft is being able to pretend it really is a voodoo doll and you get to jab it with glee, the downside is sometimes in your gleeful jabbing you miss the blob and hit your finger!  That needle is SHARP!

I was unable to completely finish my little work of ?art? during the classtime, but did so as soon as I got home.  It really did not get much better.  When I showed it to Wes, his first comment was "what a cute little dog," great, thanks.

After a second look, he may be right:

Can you say demented Easter Doggy?  I think I will leave the really artsy stuff like sculpting and painting to my sister...now that girl's got talent!! 


  1. That is adorable! And definitely a bunny, not a dog! :)

    I've been wanting to try this myself sometime too!

  2. I think it's sweet! Don't give up, you will master it, it was only your first attempt!



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