Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chanel No. DEET

You better sit down, because the upcoming confession is shocking.

There has been little to no knitting in my world for the last couple of weeks.  Spinning has been sparse as well.  I actually chose and started the Dragonfly Wings with the pretty green handspun yarn, but since that time have determined that it is just not right.  The yarn does not have enough drapey softness to it, so poke me with a fork, I am done with it.  Back to square one.

Lack of knitting time/mojo is the result of a whole lot of happenings going on around here.  It seems that we skipped Spring and jumped straight into early Summer.  The weather, combined with the month of May bringing all the hubbub of Prom, senior year projects ending, and the anticipation of the graduation of my two youngest boys has all conspired to keep me totally distracted and B.U.S.Y.

This past weekend brought the appearance of two firsts of the season that do not make me smile.  After spending several hours on Saturday messing with the 44 tons of gravel that was delivered for the driveway, we cried Uncle and made arrangements for a neighbor to bring his bobcat over to take care of the job lickety split.  And since we were already messing with rocks, it seemed like the perfect time for me to go hand pick stones for the stacked stone flower bed edging and to get another 940 # of landscaping gravel.  The need for taking Prom pictures and to go watch the arrival parade and red carpet style entrance trumped any further work that day.

Then came Sunday...

Pull dead plants.

Prep the beds.

Transport stone to the backyard.

Stack, unstack, restack, stack some more...just like putting a puzzle together.

Shovel gravel, shovel, shovel, shovel, and shovel some more gravel.

The result:  the first official "I really HAVE to get a new pair of work gloves" blister.    Happens every year.  The other first of the season is a relative newcomer to the world of weird Dina things.  Last year I developed a nasty reaction to bug bites.  Biting flies in particular.  While taking a water break, a fly landed on my knee and in the brief span of seconds before I could swat him away, the deed was done.  Within hours, the swelling, heat and ache set in.  It is not usually a good thing when your knee jiggles when you walk!

May be time to change my signature scent from Chanel No. 5 to Chanel No. DEET.


  1. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

    Repeat after me: It'llbegreatwhenit'sdone.It'llbegreatwhenit'sdone.It'llbegreatwhenit'sdone.

    Now, hot bath, glass of wine, newgloveshandcreamDeeeeeeet!

    Better now?

  2. Yardwork is always such a PITA. But the result is always lovely.



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