Monday, June 18, 2012


Color me shocked.

Yesterday while using one of those old fashioned word finder thingys (aka a d.i.c.t.i.o.n.a.r.y) the pages flipped open to a word that up until now I was certain was a made up word.
A word that was heard being uttered by my Mother when I was growing up.  

Truth be told, I have said it and so has my sister.

Who knew?

What does it mean?

horsefeathers |ˈhôrsˌfeðərz|
used to express disagreement, disbelief, or frustration.

The level of my disbelief horsefeathers that it is actually a word is staggering. (As is this gross misuse of the word contextually)


  1. Bahahahahaha!!
    I had never heard horsefeathers before, used in any way, but I'm super glad it's a word.
    Also I really really hope that someday, when I'm playing scrabble, feathers ends up on the board and I can shock them for 22 points ^_^

  2. I've never heard this before either, sounds a lot like "hogwash" teehee! :)



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