Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it Fummer or is it Sall?

Crazy weather, huh?  Two weeks ago it was hotter than the face of the sun and now for the last several days it has completely flip flopped.  It has been so chilly at night that long sleeved/long pant pj's and socks have been in order for the sleeping porch.  We even had to break down and grab an extra blanket one night.  It is like a mixed up combo of Summer and Fall.

Several months ago I slipped and fell in love with (along with seemingly the rest of the knitting world!) Stephen West patterns.  The Dustland Hat caught my eye.  It is the style that I was certain my oldest son would love.  After a few e-mails confirming that he liked it, the pattern went into my favorites file and into my mental queue for early autumn knitting.  Enter the current crazy weather and the need for slowing down and crafting something for a loved one to help me regain my center after the recent craziness.

For some time now, I have been fondling the skeins of Eco Duo at my lys.  Straight up honest truth people...if you have NOT been found fondling said fiber you absolutely must get your fingers on this stuff.  I am a sucker for baby alpaca and merino separately, but lemme tell you the combination is better than, well, even chocolate!

Naturally, the first week of June is the most logical time to cast on a baby alpaca/merino wool hat.  Tuesday, I cast on while knitting with my peeps.  The pattern is super fast thanks to a well written pattern.  As of this afternoon, I am halfway done with the third section and that was with just an hour and a half Tuesday afternoon plus drive time to and from work today.  At this rate, it will be done and ready to be blocked by Thursday evening.

The pattern from Westknits Book Three, by Stephen West is great!  There are at least 3 other patterns that are calling to me.  Son number 2 had a look-see when I was showing him what I was making and he has picked out/requested another hat from the book.

Yum...fabulous fiber + awesome pattern = perfect project!



  1. The weather is acting out here in Denmark too.It's hard to believe we're in June and it's supposed to be summer :/
    That yarn looks really yummy, too bad it's propably not available where I live.
    Love your hat , it looks great :)

  2. Lucky! It's been hot enough here lately that long legged PJs and socks sound kind of lovely. Enjoy the hat and congratulations (sympathies?) on being sucked into the Stephen West vortex! ;)

  3. That post title is too funny! Enjoy the cooler temps while they last. That hat is looking great. Very cool pattern, as only Stephen West can design. I don't want to encourage a potential problem here (ok..maybe I do!) but you should consider knitting one of his shawl patterns, too.

    1. too late, I am sucked in hook, line and sinker!



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