Friday, June 8, 2012

My hat's off to you!

Early June.

Mild weather.

Stifling heat coming.

Perfect time to knit winter hats!

I often think that, as knitters, we should probably be knitting a season ahead anyway.  While it is not difficult to get most projects done with plenty of season left to enjoy them, it seems to me that it would be more enjoyable to have the scrumptious sweaters, hats, and scarves all ready and at the waiting at the BEGINNING of the season.  DO NOT interpret that statement as any sort of proof positive that I have managed to ever accomplish that task.  Sounds good in theory, but seldom happens.  Sort of like being done with your Christmas shopping/creating by the first of July.  (if that is you, then please feel free to contact me so you can knock out my list also!)

All that aside, the Dustland Hat is finished...and super-de-duper cute!  Totally justified "Barney" reference since said hat was made for my oldest son that was little when the big purple dinosaur exploded on the toddler scene.  Sing it with me:
Annoying as it is now, Barney and Friends was a life saver when same 2 year old had the chicken pox and could only be consoled by hours and hours of rocking in the chair with Mama while watching the dino.   He definitely learned about sharing because he "shared" his chicken pox with me!  Chicken pox and first trimester pregnancy with twins is not a good combo!

So, here is the purty hat.  Yarn used:  Cascade Eco Duo in colorway 1710 (which is really a misnomer as it is UNDYED baby alpaca and merino wool).  Needles:  US 6 and 7.  Pattern:  Dustland Hat from Westknits Book 3...Stephen ROCK!  I did not put the button on it.
Here ya go Alex Alliebobander!  A "Mother Present" cuz I love you.  (Oh no, another reference from one of the boys' favorite childhood movies...)


  1. Hey you are not late but early for fall. Now when it gets cold. His head will be warm.

  2. love the hat! great color. I always knit and gift things at the inappropriate time, weather wise, but hopefully that just means next season they'll be warm!

  3. I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  4. ooooh, I like that hat! I may have to knit me one.

  5. Really like that hat! I'm such a Stephen West fan but haven't made this yet.....seems I'm stuck on shawls right now.

  6. Truly is an awesome hat. Isn't there some matching mitts with that one?
    As for Barney... My son is scared of him for some reason. He is also terrified of Snow White which is, I think, more justified on account of the spooky trees and witch and stuff. But we totes sing the I Love You song and the Clean Up song ^_^ haha

  7. Ohh that hat looks great!
    makes me want to start wearing hats and I look horrible with hats.

  8. I like this one, added to favorites - for a favorite friend.

  9. Weeeeww I really like more customize hat like your design. I mean a product of great hands. haha Barney colors awesome ideas! I am a knitter too and have some hat designs too. :)

  10. LOVE that hat! Gotta get that pattern for sure! Nicely done! :)

  11. That's a great hat, I love it.



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