Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot and Sweatery...

Triple digits...yup.


Only the beginning of the summer heat...yup.

Let's make a winter sweater...okie dokie!

An alternate title for this post could be:  "Third Time is a Different Sweater".  I have had this Alpaca with a Twist yarn for a few years and it can't seem to decide what it wants to be.  A few weeks ago I picked up the wonderful book "Coastal Knits" which is absolutely stuffed with things I am itching to make.  The Rocky Coast Cardigan caught my eye as a potentially great casual and comfy sweater.  
Here's a fabulous photography tip for ya, seeing as how I'm all not a professional and all that...when preparing to take a picture of said work in progress and you are moving it from one room to another, it helps if you remember that there is a giant ball of yarn attached to it.  Not that I know this from experience or anything, but I may have overheard the cats snickering amongst themselves and whispering about how stupid Meowmy is.
 Cabling has not made me crazy...yet.

Last night, our lake had its annual 4th of July fireworks show.  Our house is at the back of a cove across from the dam where the pyro show is launched.  We have a great view from the bug free zone of the screened in porch.  Here's some more totally awesome photography from She Who Knows Not What She is Doing With the Camera:

Happy Independence Day!
Whatever Goes Wednesday
Look What I Made


  1. Made me laugh! :) I love that cardi and plan to make it myself - can't wait to see your FO!

  2. Ooh, I have that book and am in LOVE with pretty much everything in it. Excellent choice, my friend. Thanks for sharing your fireworks, too! We didn't get any out here in Colorado. :( Now finish up that Rocky Coast so I can drool over your pictures and put off starting mine for just a little longer.

    1. the first sleeve is done and getting ready to start the other. It is a super fast knit (even with all the cabling!) and realistically, it should be done this weekend and be blocked and ready for next Friday FO. Probably just totally jinxed myself...



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