Monday, July 30, 2012

My basket runneth over...

Saturday's trip to the Farmer's Market provided some valuable information.

There is a point at which the basket on the front of your bicycle can hold no more.
 Doesn't loooook too precarious...
But looks can be deceiving...
Turns out that my cutesy little basket's max load is:  2 pounds of frozen grass fed/antibiotic & hormone free ground beef, 1 very large and fragrant cantaloupe, 6 ears of organic Bt-free corn, and 10 pounds of pickling cucumbers.  It might just be that my packing of the basket could have been improved.  What I learned is that little cukes, stuffed into the top of the basket, will shift and roll around in the bag which throws the balance off thus requiring this accident prone individual to have to ride the whole way back in low gear because my left hand was stretched between the handle bar and the back corner of the basket to keep it from listing too far to the right over the wheel.  

Yes, I am aware of all the preventive maneuvers that could have helped, but hey, sometimes you just gotta roll with it and hope for the best...and band-aids.


  1. How you managed to fit that much yummy food in that little basket is a huge mystery to me. Looks like you will have some fun cooking! Good luck with the Ravellenic Games!

  2. I can't imagine that more would fit in your basket! but perhaps you're right and next time the tippy foods can start at the bottom! Enjoy your delicious score - I can almost smell it from here!



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