Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinch Me

The last time I spoke of my knitting while travelling problem, the straw seemed to be my savior.  

Not so much anymore.  

This spot is still my nemesis:
But now...(insert evil laughter):
BAM!!! Car Bermuda Triangle you have met your match!!!  One day while we were wandering around Menard's, Wes found this beautiful tool that should be a required part of any knitter's car tools.  It lives in my glovebox.
 Shove it down into that little bitty spot that only needles and stitchmarkers fit into then push down on the button top and little pinchers poke out and grab whatever has been lost.
It's magic I tell ya!
  Just proves that you never know where you will find knitting tools!


  1. My oh my I really want one! Not just for the car but for the sofa, bed, etc! Great find :-)

  2. Does this tool have a name? What's a Menards?

    1. It's a grabber thingy that was in the general tool section. Menards is much like Home Depot and Lowes



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