Friday, July 20, 2012


Is there some point at which a yarn says, "Uncle! I quit! Stop making me into different things!"?  If it could talk, I'm pretty sure that is what the Alpaca with a Twist/ Touchdown would be saying right about now.

Guess what?  Do believe it is going to get its wish...maybe.

Two weeks ago I got a little cocky with my progress on the Rocky Coast Cardigan and went so far as to mention to a commenter that it would surely be done by the weekend and ready to unveil for the next week's FO.  Ha!

What really happened?  One sleeve was done down to the spot where I needed to switch to ribbing, when it occurred to me that I should probably check the fit.  Yeah, I have learned nothing.  The body of the sweater was knit in size small, so surely the arms would be okay also, right?  If I had TOOTHPICKS for arms!!!  There was no way on earth that any amount of aggressive, severe, intense, or even belligerent blocking was going to fix this problem and the likelihood of my arm circumference shrinking drastically any time soon was even more remote.

<hanging my head and smacking my forehead>  Yep, rip and redo the sleeves in the medium size directions.  This little alteration required some tweaks that I had the forethought to write down in order for the second sleeve to resemble the first one.

You know what this means don't you?  I have made yet another sweater in size Smedium.  The only difference is this time it was sort of intentional.
 And in keeping with the cocky attitude, I was soooo proud of myself for keeping the cable repeat in pattern.  Until...I looked closely at a picture of the back that was about to go up for the whole wide bloggy world to see and judge.  Hmmm, what to do now?  At present, my hair is so long that you would never see it and perhaps if I constantly wiggle and thrash about my antics will distract from what jumps out at me in an evil taunting way.  

One final word on this situation:  RATFARTS!!!



  1. I think everyone gets over confident about certain projects. It happens to me all the time.

  2. First of all - I love the name of your blog. second, you make me laugh! I know that cocky feeling, and the shame that follows!! Oh sure, I'll be done my Friday - yeah right!! I also love that you're considering using your hair and flailing about to camouflage a mistake! Now if you're anything like me, you may think think this will work, but you will strain to look in every mirror to see if it's showing and ask every person you come in contact with if they can tell there's something wrong (this includes strangers as well as friends and family!) My money's on frogging!

  3. I think you did a fantastic job. I absolutely love it. Congratulations

  4. Spalding! Watch your language! ("Caddyshack" is the only place I've seen "ratfarts!" used!)

  5. I am totally going to have to remember that term! Perfect for those times where our knitting needs an extra boost.

  6. I think it's brilliant how you managed to alter the arms so they would fit you and the cardigan. And I adore the pattern and the yarn you have used.
    I bet the mistake you noticed is not that prominent, so don't frog the cardigan - at least it is on the back so you can't see it when you wear it :))

  7. Your sweater is beautiful and no one will notice the mistake but you. Unless, of course, you are silly enough to point it out to them ;) Mum's the word!

  8. Love the sweater, know and feel your pain with you. Don't know what you did wrong in the back but like the others have said, I doubt anyone will notice.

  9. I have the same problem with the sweater I'm working on at the moment, except it's right in the place where my twins are going to push the sweater forward. It's going to be the first thing to approach every bit of space I walk into! Damn cables.

    Regardless, I'm sure only you will know it wasn't deliberate...and did you know that many, many spiritual religions have a tradition of leaving deliberate imperfections in anything they make so that they know the only perfect things are made by Gods? You're only human, after all!

    I love the wrist cuff bits. They look SO comfortable.



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