Sunday, July 1, 2012

Relaxing on Sunday

The heat may be oppressive, but it certainly gives one reason to stay inside and enjoy the pretty things...

Saturday, my darlin' hubby and I rode our bicycles into town for the Farmer's Market.  Among other goodies, I picked up a potato masher basket that I had custom ordered last week:
Have to get a bunch of pretty flowers every week:
Last week, one of the vendors had the most adorable selection of china teapots and pitchers that were being re-purposed as planters and displayed on shepherd's hooks.  Naturally, my first thought was "I can do that!"  I would have hung it outside on a hook, but then I would have to go outside to water it.  The counter looks like a better location to me:
Happy Sunday to all!

Oh, and by the way...Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!  


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