Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seafoam and Cotton Candy

I'm on a re-do kick lately.  The sweater you will see on Friday's FO post is made from yarn that took three FO's to decide what it wanted to be.  Today's WIP is no exception.  What originally was truly a beautiful sweater turned out to be something that I wore only once and was not happy with.  It lounged around in my closet taunting me with its lacy edge and silky softness and then being downright mean with its a little shorter than I'd like/belly baring viciousness.  (there really was not some weird v-shaped discoloration on the front of it, that is merely more evidence of my mad photography skills) 
When in doubt, rip it out. 

So now, the Louisa Harding Yarn (Mulberry) in colorway 07 Seafoam is trying on a new pattern.

 Let's try the Miley Tee.

At present, I have lost count of the number of things currently on needles and am only sharing what's in the bag.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a beret?

 Yarn?  Lana Grossa Baby Kid colorway 006.  Man oh man is this stuff soft, and stick-to-itselfy.  Sort of what I imagine knitting with cotton candy would be like. 

That's all for now, I have no more and frankly am more interested in running outside and watching for rain.  The sky is dark, there's some rumbling going on...

OOOOH...guess what?  It's raining, pouring actually.  Adios!



  1. Love that seafoam color, so summery. Although ripping out a finished sweater must have been the pits, turning it into a wearable sweater will be worth it. I like the versatility of the Miley Tee, too.

  2. Oh my WORD! All that lace work. I remember you knitting that sweater too! Hope the Miley Tee works out better. I finally got the front/back split done on my current tank sweater and am working up the back. :)

  3. The yarn looks beautiful and I hope the second time is a charm.

  4. That yarn is gorgeous (and so is the now-frogged sweater, which is so pretty to be so troublesomely unwearable, boo!), and I hope it's happier as the Miley tee. :)

    And the idea of knitting with cotton candy is making me snicker a little.



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