Friday, December 28, 2012

Flying by...

It's been nearly a month since I last posted?


Are you sure? 

I swear it was yesterday.

There have been a few irons in the fire.

Got this boy of mine tucked safely into boot camp:

Realized mid-month that "oh yeah, Christmas is this month, guess I better think about doing something about starting/finishing gift shopping."  Then it hit me that there was not much I could do for two of the kiddos right now.  Talk about a buzzkill!

The knitting and spinning have continued.  Not at the pace I prefer, well, perhaps the spinning has.  Since I am now sleeping even less than normal, what better thing to do at 2 and 3 in the morning than sit at the wheel and let the rhythm soothe my soul.

Christmas Eve found us at home with family making individual pizzas and enjoying each other's company.  Later that night, we were on the road hightailing it north to take advantage of the opportunity to take this one off base for a day of liberty before he graduates next week:

Now I'm really missing this one:

Wasn't it just yesterday that they were happy to wear matching sweatshirts?

And who gave them permission to grow up??? 


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