Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to the real world...

or at least to the one I'm in the midst of.

Another whirlwind week last week, culminating in this:

Those 3 boys of mine amaze me every single day.  The next several months will continue to be a series of trips for milestone graduations in their careers and to show support and love for the paths that all 3 are on, while each are different it thrills me to see their lives unfolding.  

While up north, it would be a sin to not do the obligatory:

Just realized I may have to repost that picture on Friday for FO as the hat and infinity scarf were both knit in the car/hotel during the "Adopting my SR" for Christmas liberty trip the week before!

Tomorrow there may be at least one of the multitude of WIPS shared.  Am suffering from a touch of "squirrel syndrome" and keep starting things, finding a new pattern, starting that, being tired/not in the mood to read a pattern so start something else.  

And just because it is fun to say:



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