Friday, April 12, 2013

Don't Box Me In...

At last!

A Friday with a significant FO!

There have been several things fly off my needles over the last few months, but this project has been a thorn in my side.  It is NOT difficult, but it does get boring...which resulted in it being put in time out for a bit.

What:  Boxy

With:  Cascade Heritage Silk Paints Yarn

Using:  holy cow, I don't remember now what size needles I used, but feel pretty sure it was whatever the pattern called for because gauge kept giving me migraines...US 4

Size:  Normally I would knit a size small/medium, however, this is a VERY generously sized sweater.  On the first try at it, I went for the knit in the round option and completed a decent 5 or 6 inches (keep in mind this is 390 stitches on 4's!!) only to discover that not only did I want to stab my eyes out from the monotony but the monstrosity I had created would easily wrap around me twice.  RIP  Due to my concern that without the weight of a side seam there could be floaty issues, the lonnnnnnggg drawn out process of separate pieces began in the smallest size.

I set a deadline of the end of February to have it ready in time for one son's USMC graduation.  It got done, but not FINISHED.  And that is where it sat.  For a month.  After being blocked.  It left my brain, so imagine my surprise when, last week, I remembered it and pulled it from the laundry room thinking everything was good to go only to put it on and wonder why it had fringe!  Ends.  Weaving in.  Arrrgghh.

Today, when I slipped it over my head, all went right in the world.  Totally worth the wait.  Soft yarn, forgiving drape, and oh so sinfully comfortable.  This may be my latest favorite sweater.  (Ignore the wrinkle down the front...we had just arrived at the shop and I had been scrunched up in the passenger seat cursing two other WIPs)



  1. LOL! "Fringe". I am going to work that into my pieces from now on and call them a design feature. Love it. It looks so light and easy to wear. Great job.

  2. Just look at that smile on your face! I can tell that you are beyond thrilled with how this turned out. Good for you being patient and dedicated with this project, I agree that it definitely payed off in the end. You picked a really nice yarn for it too, it should serve you well. Also congrats on your son's achievement, you must be super proud of him!

  3. I want a sweater like that! :)

  4. It looks so comfy and wearable....I love that yarn and have a few projects using it..

  5. LOVE it! I can't imagine knitting a sweater on size 4...I'm still struggling with finishing one on size 9. I love how it fits you. It would be my favorite too.

  6. That looks great and super comfy. Nice colors for you too.



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