Monday, April 8, 2013

Fiber Your Nest

It is rumored that SPRING is approaching.  Birds are coming back.  Frogs are singing at the pond.  Life is renewing.

For the last couple of years, a cardinal pair has taken up residence in the sand cherry shrubs outside the wide picture window across from our bedroom doors.  The Mama and Papa birds have been the source of hours of close watching and chattering by the cats.  More times than should be reasonable, one of the two tired birdie parents have smacked into the window.  I don't know if they are looking through the bedroom and think they can fly out through the far window or if they really are bird-brains!

What better thing can a fiber freak offer back to nature than bits of fiber to line the nests of these birds.  The fibers are all natural and because of the fun colors, hold the possibility of seeing brightly adorned birdie homes in your neighborhood.

Throughout the year, all little bits of fiber leftover from spinning and any little odd nips of yarn get shoved into this vase in my craft area.  Take a few handfuls and fluff it up a bit before stuffing into a suet cage.

Close it up and hang it outside for the birdies to come to the Nest Depot for building supplies.

On last check, sales are going well at the Nest Depot.  I am looking forward to doing some bird/nest watching to see the well insulated homes.

Glad to see you have been missed!

Homemade Mondays

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  1. I love this idea! I read somewhere that birds fly into windows because they see reflections of the sky or trees or open spaces.



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