Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Honey to the Bee...

Around here, we go through A LOT of honey.  Even at a fairly rapid rate of use, sometimes it will crystallize.  It is next to impossible to squeeze it out of the bottle in that state.  (We use local honey and tend to have numerous quart jars of it in the pantry... I just refill the squeezy bottle for ease of use.)

Of course, I could heat the crystallized honey in a double boiler  to liquify it.  Or, better still...make creamed honey.  Super easy to make and even easier to spread on toast, hot biscuits or lick straight off a spoon!

Using my stand mixer, put equal parts of crystallized and liquid honey in the bowl (I used 1 cup each).

Throw on the whisk attachment, lock and turn on to low/medium to mix.  Then turn speed up to medium, set a kitchen timer for 20 minutes and go about your business.

The crystals begin to dissolve into the liquid honey and the mixture takes on a creamy color.  The longer it is mixed, the creamier and more stable it becomes.  

I did three mixing sessions, allowing it to rest for about ten to twenty minutes between sessions.  Again, the longer it is whipped, the smoother it becomes as more and more crystals dissolve.  When done, spoon into the container of your choice and enjoy!

Seriously easy and wonderful.  Spreads easily and is another way to use every last drop of that fabulous local honey.


  1. I had no idea ... it looks delicious, light and fluffy!

  2. Looks really yummy and easy to do. Thrifty, too. I have half a bottle of crystallized honey at the ready.

  3. I had recently bought a jar of creamed honey. I didn't realize it was so easy to make on my own, thanks for sharing!



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