Monday, April 1, 2013

It finally happened...

after an unusually quiet weekend which allowed for uninterrupted knitting/spinning time I was able to get caught up.

As of today, every WIP is now an FO.  Along with those milestones, additional projects were started and finished.  It is now with great sadness that I report every single yard of stash yarn and handspun yarn has been knitted up and every ounce of fiber has been spun up.  My craft room is devoid of anything yarny.  Time to restock with some new stuff.  Just in time for the grand opening of Knitters Nook.

You DO know what today is, right???  Happy April Fool's Day!!!!...all except those last two lines.  (How could anyone believe the idea of no more stash?  I mean really,  it has overflowed to storage places outside the craft room but do not tell my hubby remained lovingly cataloged/stored in the craft room.)  

With regard to Knitters Nook,  no joke there!  Today is the day, new yarny yumminess that is begging to come live with me.

P.S.  Beard hats as requested by the kiddos were, by all appearances, a hit.


  1. My reaction was, "wow! finished everything!" That has never happened to me.

    I just learned WIP, but what is FO? Finished off?

    I have too many WIPs.

    1. Yeah, basically finished object. Holy cow, at the rate of "side-trackedness" I display by constantly starting something new, I will likely have been dead for 20 years before finishing everything!



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