Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It reminded me of you, dear...

I am still in San Antonio for a couple more days,and getting excited about watching my baby boy graduate Corpsman school. It has been a long road for him so far, but I am very proud of his accomplishments! We were able to spend the weekend together and did some fun things. He is looking forward to being able to go to his dad's for leave, considering he has not been back since he left for Boot Camp last November, he is more than ready for time off.

For some bizarre reason, strange things always seem to happen to me. After the last couple of days of feeling like crap and developing a suspicious bullseye rash I broke down and made a pop in visit to a local urgent care center which confirmed what I suspected, Lyme disease. Great. Just what I needed, but better to get started on treatment now rather than waiting until I get home later in the week.

Detour with me, if you will. San Antonio is a walking visitor friendly city. So, since I chose to walk the mile to the urgent care center, it made perfect sense to walk the additional mile up the next street over to pay a visit to a local yarn store. The Yarn Barn of San Antonio is a great store with many wonderful choices. It seemed to me that selecting something locally made would provide another souvenir of this trip that ultimately will be made into an item that will provide many years of enjoyment.

Sock yarn has turned into a bit of an addiction for me. When I spied the wall of sock yarns that were hand dyed by Texas crafters, my choice was obvious. The hard part would have been picking the perfect colorway if it were not for the name of this one skein..."Area 51." Bingo! That's the one. The acid green combined with cream and chocolate brown will lend themselves well to a couple of patterns I have in mind. Why is this colorway so special? My husband was born in Roswell when his father was stationed there while in the Air Force. So, see? I really did not buy it for myself, but rather for my husband!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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  1. Lyme disease?! Wow, yes you really should get that treated and soon. You definitely deserve a recovery skein of yarn. Also, congrats on your son's achievement!



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