Monday, April 15, 2013

Never say never,

but probably, most likely not.


The very topic tends to find people firmly entrenched in one of a few camps.  There are those that intensely dislike them and make assumptions about a person's character based on ink.  Some folks don't really care one way or another. Others love them and have their skin inked for fun or for very specific and meaningful to them reasons.  Then there is the subsection that love them and may even obtain them for the shock value.  OR, let's make this even more convoluted by saying that one could be a combination of all of the above given the right circumstances.

Me?  I tend to fall into the no opinion either way/love them combo category.  Personally, I do not have any ink, but my oldest son does.  The pieces he has had done are beautiful.  Each one was deliberately chosen, planned, drawn, and completed for highly personal reasons.  The art is exquisite.

Would I ever ink?  Probably not because I am a big chicken.  However, if I were to reconsider, Pinterest sure does have a bunch of starting point ideas.  Here are a few of the ones I have pinned.  My kids would literally roll their eyes and declare me certifiably a little nuts if I were to do anything similar, but what scares me more is that they know what happens when they dare me...

Of course, I could apply my usual that I have seen them and pictured myself with one,  I can pretend that I've already done it and now don't have to...ever...maybe...


  1. Oh I love the top one! I thought about getting a small star tattooed on my wrist right before I got married. But that ended up not happening, so no tattoo. I'm not sure I could justify one now, even if it is a cute little kitty one.

  2. I like tattoos. There are some really great ones on pinterest that I like to look at but they're not for me; though if I were forced to get one it would definitely be a little kitty with a ball of yarn :)



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