Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spin Cycle

Spinning is probably the closest to a meditative/zen-like state that I can achieve.  The soft whir of the wheel.  The methodical treadling.  The tactile sensation of luxurious fibers flowing through your fingertips to create a yarn that will eventually tell you what it wishes to become.

Not afraid/ashamed to admit, that it has such a hypnotic effect on me that I have actually fallen asleep while spinning.  My head bobbed forward and my eyes popped open only to discover that my feet and hands had never stopped...just the rest of me!

Last weekend, Minerva was a busy girl.  We were able to spin and ply a couple of lovelies.

Black Diamond Carbonized Bamboo:  final product is just shy of 500 yards of sport/DK weight Navajo plied yarn

Handpainted Bombyx Silk:  started with a gorgeous silk hanky purchased at Knitters Nook.  Final product is 110 yards of lace/light fingering weight Navajo plied yarn.  

Today is an extra special day.  It is the Spring Open House Fiber Event AND 2nd Saturday Spin In at Hoosier Heartland Alpacas.  If you've got some time for a lovely drive, come out and see them.  I'll be there spinning my life away...and oohing and ahhhing at the alpaca beauties!

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  1. Alpacas!! Oh how fun! Pet one for me if you can. I am so amazed that you are able to fall asleep at the wheel and not wake up tangled up in a cocoon of fiber! That is serious skill. I'm not sure which of your latest skeins I like better, I suppose the bamboo speaks to me the most because of the rich color.



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