Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Queen of Everything

Bella is such a sweet little kitty.  She came into my life at a time when I desperately needed her.  Initially, her intended name was "Grizabella" from Cats, the musical, but it seemed to hard to say.  More often than not she is referred to as:  Miss B, Bella Boop, or Baby Bell.  Sophie is her best buddy and ally in the house.  Amos, Norman and Ashley do not seem to amuse her.  She sits back, observing all, and if you are deemed worthy she will answer your questions.  Until the last 3 furbabies joined the brood, we thought she was a times she looked as if she had a low rider belly.  In comparison to the rest, she, in fact, is quite petite.  Tiny little head, squatty legs and comparatively teensy proportions lend themselves to confirmation that she is the special one of the  group.

Her evening routine centers around dipping her feet in the water bowl to take drinks, sitting back and watching the rest make fools of themselves chasing that red dot (then when she is sure they are not watching swatting at it herself) and guarding my knitting.  Unfortunately, her preferred method of guarding is sitting.  But that's okay, exceptions are always made for the Queen of Everything!

What is she guarding this week?  Ridgely...the KAL on Knit Purl Hunter

Yarn:  Cobasi in Colorways 013 and 007

Needles:  US 6

Now, if she will get off my stuff, I might be able to finish Part 2 in time for tomorrow's release of Part 3.  



  1. My cat has the impeccable timing of wanting to come sit on my lap and cuddle just as I pick up my needles. They are so helpful, aren't they? Your KAL looks like it's going well so far though.

  2. Awww, she is so adorable! That expression is so cute too. I don't know how my life would be without my Maddie, she brings so much joy to every day even when she is being a pest. Such bold color choices, I love it! Anything stripy is awesome.

  3. Bella is so cute! She seems to take her job of guarding the knitting very seriously! I hope that she let you get a few rows done.



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