Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A bad case of Startitis...

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss:  "Oh, the knits you can knit if only you try!"  Apparently that has become my guiding mantra resulting in bedlam in the WIP world.

Last night I was thinking about everything that is currently on needles, everything that has it ever so briefly before being ripped out...on needles and my bad case of startitis.  This is a condition that is quite common in the handcrafting world.  Sometimes you literally have to be in the mood to work on a particular project, so it is helpful, nay, REQUIRED, to have multiply projects waiting in the wings for their time in the spotlight of in the mood.

The flip side of this condition, in my case, is that I have a bad habit of organizing all my projects into the craft cabinets/baskets/drawers/bags so incredibly well that I forget where they are.  Consider this a personal WIP intervention.  Perhaps actually listing them all will shame me into searching for and showering them with dextrous attention.  Honestly, the search for all the lonely projects will more than likely result in yet another reorganization of all said hiding storage spots, which will lead to discovery of forgotten hibernating yarn that begs to be started into something yet unknown.  It's a vicious cycle, but super de duper fun!

Here we go with the soul baring confession:

Mondo Cable Pulli-this will be finished before the Fall, assuming I can figure out where the heck I am in the mondo cable that I lost row count on.

Thrummed Mittens-technically these are done, but my need for "just right" is nagging at me to fix the second one so that the thrums are exactly the same as the first one.  Again-will be done before the need for thick, BFL lined mittens.

Swirl Shawl-three of the gorgeous swirls done and hooked together, forty bajillion more to go.  It is really an easy pattern, but it is a tad bit fiddly and frankly, my brain is not tolerating fiddly right now,

Inside Outside Scarf-being made to go with the above mittens.  So close, yet so far to being done.  It is mocking me so it is being ignored.

The Beekeeper's Quilt-duh, this is obviously like crack for the procrastinating knitter.  Oh, just knit a few a year and eventually you might have enough to come back and sew together before you DIE!

South Seas Table Runner-well, first I had to spin the yarn...done last summer.  Started it also last summer, but the yarn is Masham and still smells a bit sheepy, even after its post spin/ply soak.  As a result of the subtle smell, it is like a cat magnet.  'nuff said.

I have lost track of the number of socks started/ripped over the last few months, but suffice it to say it is embarrassing.  However, that didn't stop me for signing up for a sock class (starting in a few weeks), balling up the yarn and doing my gauge swatch for these:

Philosophers Walk Socks-my oh my, I can't wait to cast on!

Absorba, the Great Bathmat-I seriously need help people! Making this out of tarn (t-shirt yarn) that I started more balls of on Sunday after I felt the need to stop what I was doing and make tablecloth weights!

Miniature Sweater and Socks-don't ask, it's not a miniature story.

But what is actually in my knitting bag du jour?

The Slink-it's going to be gawgeous, but the beads are a b*&%h.  Araucania Ruca Solid in Light Fuchsia

and, last but not least, for this week anyway...

Moss Grid Hand Towel-yummy.  Sublime Egyptian Cotton DK in colorway 321.  Yes, please.

Sorry for the less than stellar photog work, but too many yarny distractions took quality precedence.  

So, my dears, until next week when there is sure to be an entirely new and improved list, knit on.



  1. Dina, I feel your pain, you know I suffer from startitis as well!

    I don't have a list, but should probably start digging through my piles of projects to figure out what's next. At least I finished my tank sweater! :)

    1. start your list...maybe we can go to "knit-hab" together!

  2. It is fun to see what you have going and what you have planned! You are quite the knitter! I've never seen Philosophers Walk socks before, they look like so much fun to knit. I'm fascinated by the not miniature story.

    1. Hopefully, I will be able to share the not so miniature story next week. ;)



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