Friday, May 24, 2013

But I'm NOT old enough to wear a shawl!

Knitting + Spinning + Shawl = you are perceived by your offspring as being a little old lady.

Truth be told, I have resisted shawls like the plague for that very reason.  I am NOT old enough to wear a shawl or a shawlette or whatever you wish to call it.  That was my thinking until the Ravelry and Pinterest gods conspired to make it painfully clear that just because it looks a little lacy and is sorta triangular shaped does not mean you have to channel your inner Laura Ingalls to wear it.  Hence, the neck wrap/drape/slouchy/totally hipster and cool look.  I'm hooked.

What you are about to see is my very first shawlette.  That's right, prior to this I was a shawl virgin.  

Knitters Nook suckered me into particpating promoted the participation of fellow fiber freaks shop customers in the Skacel KAL through Confessions of a Knitaholic.  Ridgely was the pattern, color was my game.  My dear hubby comments frequently that I have a tendency to wear A LOT of black (usually covered by cat hair on the back, but I can't see it so who cares!), so my plan of late has been to try to incorporate more color.  This Spring my eye has been repeatedly drawn to the combination of purple and green.  When I chose this yarn, several people commented what an odd combination that was, but gee whiz Mother Nature didn't think so when I look at my blooming purple flowers with green leaves/stems.

While this was my first shawl, it was not my first foray into lace and multiple strand knitting.  Those two techniques can be a bit of a stinkeroony for those not accustomed to their fiddliness.

Do I like it?  No.

I love it.

The other nice thing about knitting shawls is that for people like me that have a documented problem with buying sock yarn willy nilly just because of the pretty colors, that yarn lends itself well to the requisite drape and weight of a shawl.

Now for the reveal:

Bella thinks it is lovely...

But, she's not so sure about being a shawl model..

Uh-oh, Amos is nosing around, better separate those two and save my shawl!

Purple and green...take that all black clothes!



  1. What a beautiful shawl! I think the colour combo is lovely, especially if you wear a lot of blacks, just the right pop of colours you need to make an outfit sparkle.

  2. Your shawl is amazing. I love love love your color choices. So unique!

  3. ooooh, I LOVE that shawl! The colors you picked are perfect. I wear shawls and shawlettes all of the time. We are taking the "old" out of shawl wearing and giving it a whole lot of sassy '-)

  4. Awesome job, Dina! Looks fantastic! Mine is, of course, still in time out until I get the gumption to knit it up.... :)

  5. Definitely not old ladyish, gorgeous! I'm so glad you decided to knit one, looks like you may be hooked! I love wearing shawls, I don't wear scarves anymore I love them so much.

  6. I always pair those colors together!! They do go together. Love the shawl. welcome to grannie-dom!!!

  7. Beautiful and trendy! Certainly not something that says old lady. Nice job.

  8. I love shawls, in fact Im a fan of the group 12 shawl forever, I started knitting shawls and as you say Im hooked! Is fantastic how they look wearing like scarf.
    And you can knit them for christmas gifts ..!



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