Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just say Kno

Who do you knit for?  Is it just yourself, your kids/grandkids/significant other, friends or charity knitting?

In the short time of my knitting life, there have been many instances where someone has admired what is on my needles and uttered those scary/unrealistic/unknowing, yet innocent words..."do you think you could make me ___________?"  That question is almost always followed by, "I'm sure it wouldn't take very long and would probably cost less than what I could buy it for ready-made."  On what planet those assumptions were formed escapes me, but I would like to visit for the experience.

Admittedly, I am a yarn snob.  There is a time and a place for certain types/brands of yarn, but not on my time and not where I am.  If I am going to go to the time and effort to MAKE something with my own two little hands, then it is going to be quality work with quality materials-certainly nothing that will be the only thing left besides cockroaches in the event of nuclear annihilation.

There have also been circumstances where someone has asked me to make something for them, I do, it turns out perfectly, given, and then it is never to be seen again.  Lesson learned...there is a list of banned people to knit for in my head.  The same theory goes for any sort of handcrafted gift...especially for those for people that "get it" and are crafters themselves.  If I ask for a favorite color or style and am later met with condescending/snarky jabs, then you better believe "the list" gets updated.  On the flip side, the lesson has been learned (the hard way), that gifts of this handcrafted nature are often not appreciated or acknowledged.  However, these negative experiences are far outweighed by the multitude of positive handcrafted gifting/commissioned knitting & spinning moments.  And for that, I am thankful for and appreciative of the attitude of people that can appreciate the art used to create the object.

Let's not even get started on the ongoing debate of why knit socks when you can just go buy them in a big box store!  If you have to ask, then you deserve to get to spend time and money there and get what you get.


  1. I have a list as well. Granted, it's not very long, but it's significant! :)

  2. I completely understand this! Although considering much of your audience are knitters, I'm sure you'll have lots of sympathetic nods. I used to get asked to make things all the time, I don't promise to make things for people, I find that they are much more excited to receive a knitted item as a surprise gift.

  3. I only knit for myself and about 3 others. My grandma tried to sell a hat I made her at a yard sale for fifty cents, and I have a coworker who is CONVINCED that I am making her a queen sized afghan with Velma from Scooby-doo on it. She offered to pay me...then balked at the idea of paying $16 for a knitting lesson. I'm not sure what she thinks "fair pay" is, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even buy the yarn.

  4. I've never made any lists of people I wouldn't make things for, but then I sell most of what I make. If anybody asks me to make them something I usually tell them "Sure I could, but it will cost you". Funny thing is, nobody has ever asked me how much.

  5. Your sister and brother-in-law GREATLY appreciate your gifts! Knitting is one thing I have been unable/unwilling to master. That is not to say that someday, I might, but it's highly likely that this talent will remain all yours! LOL! Also greatly appreciated are the lovely scented gifts, which I am proud and tickled pink to attempt to replicate. LOVE YOU!!!



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