Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Epic Fai(L) Isle...

or aka: Lessons in choosing colors carefully.

As per usual, I am sidetracked from pressing projects that have a deadline.  In my defense, I signed up for a fair isle sock class before deciding on making the "project with a deadline".

So, Saturday, I arrived at my LYS with yarn in hand that I could envision becoming THE most awesome socks ever to have been made and worn in the history of man.  My skeins had been lovingly divided in order to make my evil plan of making both socks (on separate needles...can you IMAGINE doing stranded work two at a time with Magic Loop...don't answer, as I am sure there is someone that can and does perform that bit of magic!) happen.  Every intention was to make sure that dreaded Second Sock Syndrome did not infect this project.

Cast on.  Yay!  Learned a new cast on technique to add to my bag of tricks.

Started the cuff.  This is kinda fiddly but once my hands and brain were on the same page of separate yarns in each hand but working in sync with each other, I got in a rhythm.  Fun stuff people!

After class, I went home and proudly showed off my lovely (so far) cuff to the hubs.  He was duly impressed.

And then Sunday happened.

Two repeats into the chart revealed a sad sad moment of truth.  The two yarns had too much color similarity to allow for the distinctive portions of the pattern to shine through.  What to do?!?!?!?


Off to the stash!

Fortunately, I had an entire skein of Heritage Sock Yarn that had been lounging around in the stash basket for several years waiting to tell me what it wanted to be when it grew up.  Main color-bingo.  Contrast color turned up in the leftovers basket:  Heritage Silk Paints that was leftover from when I made Boxy.

Cast on and hallelujah we have a winner.  The other lesson to this is that fair isle knitting is addictive...can't seem to put it down.


With:  Size 2US itty bitty teeny tiny circs (my hands are screaming!)

This, my dears, is exactly why Stash Yarn is vitally important!!



  1. This looks awesome!!! We would love it if you would link up at our linky party:
    Live every Wednesday to Sunday.
    Hosted by: Parrish @ Life with the Crust Cut Off Dana @ This Silly Girl’s Life
    We hope to see you there!

  2. I would say it wasn't the similarity in color that was your downfall, it was the similarity of value. Fair Isle needs distinct light, medium, dark values to avoid the fail. If you are in doubt about the contrast of two yarns, place them side by side, back up a bit, and then squint at them. If you cannot see a distinct difference in them, they won't likely contrast against each other. Also, two brights will fight for dominance in one piece. Try going neutral and bright, or dark and bright. You need one yarn to recede from vision, become almost invisible, to have that contrast. Love the combo in the 2nd photo!!! Love all the yarns though.

    1. Exactly! I now better understand the concept of dominant yarn. Plus it did not help that the variegated yarn had long stretches of the the exact same color as the main color.

  3. It looks awesome with the new colours :)

  4. Oh my! I absolutely LOVE this pattern, swirlys are the best! Go you for thinking up the perfect fix for this project!

  5. They're lovely ... and I know what you mean about two points you've made: Fair Isle is addictive, and color choice is important! I love that pattern. Wonderful!



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