Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I have no words...

I mean really.

I know that I have been totally AWOL around here and have managed to somehow lose the entire month of July.  NOT to say that my absence from here relates to nothing going on.

Although it went by like a flash, July was filled to the brim with activities and memory making with some of my all time favorite people that I can never ever get enough time sons.  Lots of changes and moves happening that tugged at this Mama's heart in a way that the average person cannot and does not's a military thing.

Normally, when they descend upon the house, cries of "make this...make that" are refrains of happiness for me.  This time, the focus during our travels and time at home were more about being with people that may not be seen again for quite some time.  That, and for one kiddo in particular, partaking of mass quantities of favorite fast foods to "stock up".

So imagine my surprise, shock and giggles when I opened the crisper in the fridge, dug around through the mounds of stuff that is coming from our garden at warp speed, and found this little jewel smashed up and wedged under an edge of the front of the drawer (10 points to me for a colossal run on sentence):

Who knew that a carrot can turn into a stick!!!

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