Friday, October 18, 2013

Flowers on my head

The moment I saw a picture of Peerie Flooers two years ago, I popped it into my Ravelry favorites page and vowed to myself that I would make it one day.  Repeat that process when I discovered the matching mittens.

I was scared.

That is seriously a lot of stranding in a small space, on small needles, and a whole lot of color changes.

What the heck!  I survived the Philosophers Walk and may have developed a little bit of an obsession with stranded color knitting.  (the most telling evidence was me e-purchasing and printing out the ENTIRE 161 pages of OP-Art Socks book...holy ink use!!)

My local knitting store offered the hat class and I jumped.  Color strand me hooked.  It was a much quicker knit than I imagined it would be, even with me choosing the longer version.  Although headaches and allergies conspired to attempt to make my brain unresponsive to reading directions, it was fun.

Well, except for:

I used the exact yarn and colors the pattern called for.  Given that this is Rowan Fine Tweed yarn and is 100% wool, I was able to sort of spit felt any pokey ends sticking out after being woven in.  However, it is not a scritchy yarn.  

So, now in the dead of winter when I cannot wear a circle of fresh flowers on my head, I have these beauties to keep me warm and make me smile. 

Next up...matching mittens!!



  1. Well done, that's fantastic! I applaud your bravery, stranded colour work always scares me somewhat, but one day I might pluck up the courage...

  2. That's amazing! I love love love stranded knitting ... putting this in my queue now!

  3. ooooh, look at that colorwork! I LOVE IT and matching mittens will be Awesome!

  4. Turned out awesome!

    "Color strand me hooked." :-)

  5. Wowza, that's a lot of ends to weave in! But totally worth it because the hat is gorgeous. Love the colors and the pretty flowers.

  6. The hat is beautiful. So worth sewing all those ends in. :-) Happy winter!

  7. Ooh wow - that's gorgeous! Such lovely colourwork. I haven't the patience for it, but I love how it looks.



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