Saturday, October 26, 2013

I don't think it will fit around my neck

For the last several years, the hubster has purchased one piece of jewelry for me each year. It's not any old something that non-creative hubbies can simply walk into a store and purchase along with everyone else. Each piece is a one of a kind pendant crafted by a silversmith we found. We stalk him. He goes to various art shows during the year and he always makes an appearance somewhere near us. 

This year was different though. We knew where he was going to be and made our plans only to have all hopes dashed that morning. We awoke that Sunday to a downpour that was not looking like it was going to let up anytime soon. (That and the slight problem of the torrential downpour and winds caused the hubbies' boat to shift, get one corner wedged under the dock and proceed to fill up with water and look like a mini Tiranic in the cove). It was not meant to be for this art show. Oh, well.  

Enter Plan B. A super sweet lady near us has an antiques sale periodically. She always has something I can't live without. However, I do have a rule that the thing I want has to be there for 3 consecutive sales before it is obviously supposed to come home with me. 

Our kitchen is a long galley style space with limited storage. Now, while I do have an incredible pantry and now a separate store room, something was needed for the wide wall at the end from which you can go upstairs or into the great room.  I am short and prefer the things I use most be easy for me to reach. 

Meet the Pie Safe of My Dreams...aka...I Think I Love This More Than A Pendant:

Yes, I'm aware there is a tape measure on top. Reviewing pictures you took is helpful when trying to locate lost tools. 

I'm storing just a teensy tiny bit of some of the canning done this year in it. What I am most excited about is the space to store my cookbooks (along with the one notebook per category of my personal favorite recipes) AND...the spice drawer!  Be still my heart. 

Still have to pick up a few more jars to finish transferring my current spice stash into and then I'm done. Maybe. 

Nope, I don't think I can wear this, but I will love it and use it and know how much my sweetheart loves me every single day. 

We are heading off to the Annual Weenie Roast/Bonfire my in-laws have been hosting for over 40 years.  Gonna be cold but sooo much fun!  Later!!



  1. Dina, you truly are blessed. I LOVE the cabinet, and anytime you want to come organize my house, you're totally invited...........plan on spending a week or two though. Love ya!

  2. It is an absolute beauty of a pie cabinet! I love how you organized it. So pretty with the autumn decorations and your mason jars of goodies. You are one extremely lucky lady to have a husband with such great taste. (I will have to show this post to mine!)

  3. It fits beautifully into your kitchen! I love your "decorated" recipe books and your labeled spice jars. I haven't graduated to the glass spice jars yet, and my glass storage jars in the cabinet have hand scribbled labels made from freezer tape. Maybe someday, I'll get neater. Love you, Sis!

    1. Well, you know Fred and I both have a thing for that little old labeler! If it sits still long enough and invites enough "friends" to join it, you can bet I am going to label and organize it.

  4. Love the cabinet too.... No room for something that big in my kitchen, sigh...



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