Monday, October 28, 2013

Learning new bed tricks...

Let's talk beds.  Dog beds, that is.

Jack, the family Golden Rearranger is a stinky scratcher.  He has very dry skin.  Nothing seems to work for him for very long.  He also is getting up there in years and doesn't go outside unless its is absolutely necessary...which is usually twice a day.  The rest of the time, he is content to snooze on his bed, or under the table, or in front of a chair, or--if it is storming--in our shower.  We keep him shaved year round and try not to bathe him too often so as not to exacerbate the skin issue.  Fortunately, he usually smells like Fritos.

Part of the problem with him is that because of the skin thing, he is a compulsive licker.  He sits on his bed and licks his paws...and the bed.  That doggie licks through more beds than you could believe.  And, let's face it, they really aren't made as well as they should be!

When he gets a new bed, I usually run another liner made from old towels under the layer he lays on to try to add another barrier.  It never lasts for very long.

There is a limit to how many times you can launder a pet bed before it is flat out done.  We reached that point a month or so ago, but I haven't had time to address the situation until now.

Yep, it's done and time for its replacement.  This time I thought I'd try something different.  So, I grabbed 3 out of commission bed pillows, an old quilted mattress pad, some old towels, a big glass of iced tea and got to work.

The first step, which required an extra pair of hands, was to stitch the pillows together lengthwise to make one giant rectangle.  Then, I placed that on the mattress pad to do some quick measurements. Based on the size of my giant pillow, I cut the mattress pad and serged three sides together, I made it easy on myself by utilizing the already finished edge of the mattress pad for the opening portion, to make a giant pillowcase.  It was purposely made longer and folded/pinned underneath to allow me to make other additions as needed.

Next, three towels were sewn long sides together.  The large towel was then spread out and the new pillow placed in the center and the sides pulled up to the center and trimmed to allow a generous seam allowance.  Back to the machine to again sew the long center back seam and the bottom seam.  Then, using 1/2 inch double folded bias tape that was folded and stitched down the center and cut into strips/sewn into the open edge to make string ties.

What does Jack think about it?

Well, actions speak louder than barks...


As one of my friends commented, "You can't teach an old dog new bed tricks."



  1. It's so hard when they get older :(

  2. Jack looks like an old sweetie pie! Great job Macgyvering up a new bed for him.

  3. Awwww, Jack! What a cutie-pa-tootie! Silly old feller...that's a lovely bed!

    Thanks for sharing on *Mostly* Homemade Mondays last week. Hope to see you again tomorrow!




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