Thursday, October 17, 2013

Minerva's getting a nip and a tuck seems she thinks she is a Real Housewheel of Bartholomew County and it is vitally important to have those droopy/wiggly parts nipped/tucked and get a little oil injected where you need it!

No, I am not speaking of some strange person that is bereft of all common sense.  Minerva is my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel.  I attempt to be diligent with oiling her periodically, but sometimes you have to do a major upkeep session.  I got lazy after purchasing the jumbo flyer attachment for her and never switched the drive band back to a shorter length.  The result being that all my parts were stretched to the max for a long time and now the Mother of All is wonky.  Say what???  Short are wobbly and need some oiling/tightening.

Spinning has sort of taken a back seat to a few other projects most recently, but a couple of fiber blobs have been spun into some seriously pretty stuff.  The last big spinning project was the "Biker Chick" superwash merino that caused me to spew forth a string of expletives when a slight glitch in my system was encountered.  Fortunately, after many hours of tedious, mind numbing, poke-my-eyes-out-please work the single ply was salvaged and Navajo plied into ~275 yards of purty yarn.  (I only lost about 100 yards of the single ply to the bobbin trauma)  Personally, I think it has a bit of a Zauberball look to it, perhaps the obnoxious baby sister version to this one.  Anyway, I'm a happy camper and can't wait for it to tell me what it wants to be.

My super sweet sister sent me a link to a very interesting article that declares "knitting is the new yoga." I would have to agree.  The methodical nature of knitting and spinning have a definite positive effect on my brain and general well being. (unless I am counting...NEVER interrupt a knitter that is counting) Truth be told, I have actually fallen asleep/fell over in my chair while spinning.  Fortunately there is no video or photo evidence of such a thing.  

So, what is on the burner for Minerva's next big project once she recovers?  Well, a large amount of New Zealand Possum/Cashmere blend is waiting in the wings to be spun, plied, dyed into 4 or 5 different colorways and then knit into...wait for it...a stranded colorwork custom designed beer cozy for my sweet hubs.  Yes, you read that right.  He never asks for anything, but did specifically ask for this.  So, not only do I get to spin and dye the yarn, I have to design the thing and chart out the pattern to incorporate not one, not two, but THREE Native American beadwork designs PLUS some specific Hebrew lettering.  All in the confined space of one beer bottle cozy.  Good thing I love that man!

Gotta go, Minerva is waiting.


  1. I can't believe you salvaged that spinning disaster! Have you ever had the roving break and lose the end?

  2. uggghhh, yes I have and it is awful!!! (think cobweb yak/cashmere)



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