Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peppers and a peak...

Just when I thought that the summer garden was done and it was safe to put away all the canning paraphernalia until the Fall planting start producing, we get an ever so subtle temperature dip and rise along with much needed rain.  The result being that plants that have not yet been pulled and the ground tilled under made a last ditch surprise produce production performance!

This past weekend, I spent the bulk of my time catching up on some sorely neglected household chores...along with giving a little TLC to my raised beds in the side yard.  My darling hubs went to work on the big garden.  He did a little cleaning up, picking, planting and tilling up to enlarge the space we are using.  (Heaven help me if next year's production rate is like this year's given the square foot increase!)

Sunday evening, when he returned from playing in the dirt, a pepper present appeared on the counter.

Obviously, the plants were not done producing!  After a couple of hours of chopping, slicing and measuring, this last little push added 8 cups of chopped peppers for the freezer and 3 pints of pickled sliced jalapenos for the pantry.

And just because I can...here's a sneak peak at a WIP/FO combo (one done, one to go)...


  1. Congrats on your late season haul! Do you just chop the peppers raw and freeze them?

    1. Yes I do. Some places say to blanch first, but honestly, I've done it this way for years and years and have never had a problem with them.

  2. So jealous of your pantry. It is very organized and neat, unlike mine. And those jars of preserved goodies are awesome! The sock is looking good. So happy that you stopped by. I lost a lot of my blogs after google reader ended. Now I can add you to my bloglovin list :)

    1. I have still been lurking around, just not commenting much or even posting much to my own blog. Hopefully things in my world will slow down a tad, that would be ever so lovely! Thanks for coming by.



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