Friday, October 25, 2013

That was a Mondo long time

It finally happened.

The worlds where I write a post in my head but never post it and the real world of what I really have posted collided.  Maybe I did write the post but failed to put the appropriate labels with it and now I can't find it, and frankly  have given up.  I could have sworn there was at least one, maybe two, posts regarding the Mondo Cable Pulli and the yarn used...which was ripped out from a Churchmouse Pattern for a skirt that grew and grew and my dear hubs declared ugly.  Do I remember what the yarn was?  Um, no.  But I think it was Encore Worsted Tweed.

Waaaay back in May, there was mention made of the Mondo Cable Pulli.  By this point in time, I have no solid recollection of when it was actually started.  But, what I do remember is my frustration with the lazy pattern writing for the top portion of increasing and what have you.  It took several attempts and multiple pieces of paper with line by line detailed directions written out by yours truly to get through that mess.  And then the daily drama of life took over and I put it aside...and FAILED to note on the pattern where I was or even what size I was making!  That should be no surprise given my tendency towards creative size knitting...can you say SMedium?

Finally my evenings got sorted out enough to afford more dedicated knitting time and it came out of time out.  However, it quickly became apparent that I was off in the pattern and what should be the Mondo cable continuing was turning into a squished cable.  Crap!  With the assistance of others' eyes, the row/mistake to tink back to was located.  Next came the chore of figuring out what size I was making since the number of stitches on needles DID NOT match what should be for any of the sizes.  How do I do this stuff???

What does all this mean?  1)  If you could read the posts written in my head, it would be ever so helpful.  2)  My dear hubs is a brave soul for declaring something I made as being ugly.  3)  I love my dear hubs for being so brave, because he was right.  4)  Mondo is done and I am mucho thrilled with it.

And on that note, there you have it, Mondo Cable Pulli...survivor/product of a distracted knitter's life and brave husband's honesty.  (For the record...he loves how this version of the yarny product turned out)



  1. Love the cable neck line. Very unusual.

  2. Your husband is definitely a brave man, LOL! Great job figuring out where you left off in the pattern. When will we ever learn to take proper notes as we knit a project? The sweater looks wonderful. Love the cable. I think that I remember you posting about that skirt way back.

  3. You mean thinking about doing something and then thought that you'd actually done it? Why I do that all the time! Luckily so far I haven't thought that I'd picked up the kids but actually not done so, it may happen one day ;-) Lovely sweater, especially the chunky cables down the front.

  4. ah, a brave man indeed. I love the cabled sweater. Just know that you aren't alone, we've all been/are there with you.

  5. Oof - my husband doesn't hesitate to be critical. Sometimes I feel like telling him he doesn't have to find something to criticise about it just to try and be constructive, but... pff. Anyway, the sweater looks great!



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