Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Get All the Butter.

My Granny Grammer told that story so often and we repeated it as well and then my sons started saying it.

Family legend has it that in a diner in California back in the day when my father was a little tyke, the waitress put a plate of butter pats on the table.  Granny, being her silly self, pulled the plate over and declared, "I get all the butter!"  To which the waitress responded, "ma'am, I'm sorry but you'll have to share."

I've heard that story (among others) my whole life and it never fails to crack me up. I still say it when we go out, and it still garners funny looks from those not in the know. 

This afternoon...before the awful storms started and sirens began going off...we tried an experiment. Canning butter. 

Depending on who/what you read or choose to believe it either can or can't be done. Many swear by it and have done it for years and years.  What the heck, I'm game. 

Eight pounds of butter later, I have 12 half-pints (plus a pot of extra that I'll use to make some compound butter) that rumor says has a stable shelf life of 5 years. So, now I get alllllll the butter, bwahahahaha!

What have you canned that defies conventional wisdom?



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