Sunday, December 8, 2013

Breakfast with Granny

I have spoken often of my Granny Grammer.  It was by her side that so much knowledge of homekeeping was transferred from one generation to another.  Those many, many hours serve as the basis from which I draw all my homekeeping designs.

Looking around the world today, it is apparent that I am an anomaly that was born in the wrong era.  Either that or today's society has veered off the path in such an enormously detrimental way.  It is sad when today's children have no concept of where food comes from...thinking the grocery store can or box is the only way to cook.  And don't forget the requisite microwave.  I got rid of mine several years ago for a few important can do your own research...and shockingly I am still able to cook .  However in the world did our ancestors survive without this contraption?  I'll tell you...with REAL food...ingredients that came from their gardens, or that they put up, or that they purchased fresh from the grocer and prepared on their stove or in the oven.  This point was really driven home one day when my step-daughter peered into the pantry and exclaimed, "there's nothing to eat in here except ingredients, why can't we be like everyone else and have boxes and mixes?"  The answer, of course, is because I CARE about what I feed the people I love!  The concept of mass production farming, by way of GMO seeds, brings up the hot topic of yes, farms are able to produce exponentially larger yields...but at what cost?  Study after study has delved into this atrocious "raping" of God-given perfect the way they are foods.  But that topic is a hot button for many, so I'll leave it at that.

Back to this morning.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went back to my hometown for some much needed Daddy time.  We popped over to my Grandparents home that is currently being used primarily for storage until decisions are made regarding what to do with it.  The main reason for popping in there was to gather some ancient Mason jars Daddy thought I would like to have.  YES!!!  Standing in the kitchen brought back a flood of always does.  As we turned to leave, Wes spotted the cast iron skillet.  Oh my goodness!, the number of meals that thing has produced is mind boggling.  "Daddy, can I have it, please, please, please???"

So, this morning as I am frying up some bacon to have with breakfast and to crumble on our lunch of corn chowder...Granny was in the kitchen with me again.  But this time, she is by MY side...always in my heart and in my hands as I care for the people I love.



  1. Your Granny reminds me of my mom. She worked full-time most of her life (night-shift, even!) but still loved to make wholesome and tasty food from scratch. No prepared, frozen meals for us growing up. At the time, I was a little jealous of my friends for their boxed Mac-n-cheese, etc. but now I can fully appreciate how much effort it took her to feed a big family such wonderful meals. It is so great that you are now cooking with your Granny's cast iron skillet.

  2. My mother had two or three different sized cast iron skillets, and she used them often ... she would make chili in the big one, and bake cornbread in the little one! I confess to using non-stick a lot, so I don't have to fuss with cleaning and oiling the "real" skillet, but I too have wonderful memories of meals-from-a-cast-iron-skillet!



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