Thursday, January 9, 2014

Listless? No way!!



Color Coordinated Notebooks.


These things make me giddy.

While I embrace the good parts of technology, part of me knows that everything I have stored digitally can be erased in a fraction of a second.  This technicality of the "modern age", keeps me tied to hard copies of everything that is important to me, whether it be pictures, calendars, address books, or copies of all my files.

To say I enjoy the organizational process of making and executing detailed lists for my life is a gross understatement.  I thrive in order, but that is not to say that a bit of chaos thrown in doesn't get me going either!  Not to mention that little spark of wonderfulness knowing that I know exactly where something is in my home and that things are being taken care of.  One important point about organization, is that it is an ongoing, always evolving process.  It shifts and changes along with the changes to my external world.

For as long as I can remember, list making has been part of my existence.  All through public school, college, and grad school my study plan was a highly detailed and exacting breakdown of time division for each subject.  Once married, I implemented elaborate cleaning schedules and line item budgets.  Are all these things regimented, time consuming and devoid of spontaneity?  Not in the least.  If anything, they afford me the opportunity for MORE down time to do what I want to do for fun, because in a nutshell, everything has a place and is in its place and done in a timely manner.  I have probably read and used portions of every home organization plan/approach that was written about throughout the '90's.  I have a daily cleaning/chore schedule that allows my home to stay neat and clean without the need for craziness in cleaning mode just to get ready for guests or even to simply function in.  Is this for everyone?  No.  But it works for me, even if it does garner snarky comments from some.

Over the years, I have used several different versions of home inventories, but believe I have now perfected what works for me.  Part of being a good steward and in control of one's own world, involves planning for the future and being prepared.  It is common knowledge that I am a huge proponent of using coupons/sales in order to create a well stocked home pantry so that everything is purchased at rock bottom prices and I have a supply on hand at all times.  While my children have often scoffed and called me a "hoarder", that has never stopped them from enjoying the fruits of my labors and "shopping" from my cabinets.

Do you make lists?  Do you actually use them?  Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I am currently in the process of making organized lists for my housecleaning, etc. After the nightmare that was this last Christmas, things have got to change around here! You are my guru, Dina!

  2. I am a complete organizational freak at work (it drives my co-workers crazy). But at home, it's just the opposite. Especially when it comes to housecleaning chores. I really like your idea of a rotating cleaning schedule. Makes so much more sense than leaving everything to do all at once.



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