Friday, February 14, 2014

Lamb Chops or Little Bits of Sweat

Some time ago, I purchased a smallish half rack of lamb rib chops.  They sat in my freezer taunting me for months.  What was I afraid of?  Well, there is that whole fear of the unknown.  I had tasted lamb once in my life that I can recall, and it was not a pleasurable experience.  So why the heck would I purposely buy lamb???  The best reason of all: to try to expand my palate and choices available for meals.

The burning question every time the freezer door was opened zoomed towards me:  what are you going to make from me and WHEN???  I was scared, people.  Scared of vacuum sealed itty bitty pricey rib chops that I did not want to screw up and have to throw out because they tasted like, well, like little bits of sweat.  All I saw when looking at them was Sheldon on "Big Bang Theory."  (Fast forward to around minute 1:33 for a glimpse into my head.)

I searched and searched for recipes.  I quizzed my friends.  Yet the little buggers continued to frighten me.  One lazy weekend morning, while watching some food shows and knitting happily, a yummy sounding recipe was shared for Asian Lollipop Lamb Chops.  Sounded incredible, so it got printed out and set aside until I could work up my courage to give it a go.  

What the heck took me so long???

Don't be afraid of the 3/4 CUP of fresh minced garlic in the marinade.  It is all for the good!

They smelled divine while cooking.

And, when paired up with sesame noodles, well all I can say is this a'int no little bit of sweat tasting meat.  We have a keeper here and I can proudly proclaim that I have now overcome my fear of lamb!

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  1. This looks delicious and easy to cook! I might try it with pork chops, first.



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